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what if the presumption of one‑another’s goodness is our undoing?

I was thinking about our president and how he got to where he is today. As he becomes more and more the ruthless dictator one associates with totalitarian regimes, it’s painfully ironic that his success has been based on the very qualities of decency that he is hell-bent on destroying.

Donald J. Trump as a child

Donald J. Trump as a child

Where would Donald Trump be, without the generosity shown him by others; yet he possesses absolutely no generosity. How could he have swindled so many others, without the good faith we daily practice and rely upon; yet he spews bad faith as consistently as he breathes. How does he continue to get away with lie after destructive lie, but for the value most of us place on honesty? Continue reading

joking about scary, contentious stuff

So…I have been cutting loose on Facebook lately. Previously, I was really careful not to post shit that could invite a flame war, or alienate someone who might otherwise be my next client.

But the national political situation has me very riled up and needing an outlet for those emotions.

First I posted some serious stuff about the need to impeach Trump. Then I got tired of my own pontificating and decided to lighten up a bit. I made this meme, which I then posted to my page:

Some people’s comments expressed being offended, Continue reading